Asbestos in Perth swimming pools

A number of old backyard swimming pools in Perth contain asbestos. Marblesheen, also known as Marblelite, is a decorative coating applied to the surface of concrete pool shells. Marblesheen coated pools built before 1990 are assumed to contain asbestos until they are tested. If you are uncertain about what year the Marblesheen was installed, it is advisable to undertake testing prior to renovating or resurfacing.

Am I at risk?

If the Marblesheen coating is in good condition and left undisturbed, it presents as low risk as it is non-friable and the asbestos fibres are bound to the cement. However if the surface is deteriorated in the way of cracks, breaks and chips or delamination of the coating there may be a risk.

Looking to renovate your old pool?

Many home owners are now looking to have their old pools renovated. Builders and technicians should approach older swimming pools with a view that asbestos may have been used. Any work involving the removal or disturbance of Marblesheen coatings assumed or confirmed to contain asbestos must be done in accordance with Work Health and Safety Regulations.

Find out more

If you are suspicious of having asbestos in your swimming pool or are unsure if it has been tested in the past, contact us & we can arrange an inspection. For an inspection, or to find out more information contact AARCO on (08) 6406 2020 or email