I think I have asbestos in my home, what should I do?

If you think there may be asbestos in your home, don’t panic.

Materials that contain asbestos are not likely to pose a health risk if they are in good condition and aren’t damaged or disturbed. Asbestos-containing materials may release fibres only when they are disturbed, damaged, removed improperly, repaired, cut, torn, sanded, sawed, drilled or scraped.

If you suspect material within your home contains asbestos, don’t touch it; but do check it for damage. Keep an eye on it and visually check it over time for signs of wear or damage such as tears, abrasions, or water damage. And if the asbestos-containing materials are damaged, you’ll need to take action.

For slightly damaged asbestos-containing material, try to limit access to the area and not to touch or disturb it. If asbestos-containing material is more than slightly damaged; or if you are planning renovations to your home that could cause damage; contact a professional asbestos removalist.

If you have asbestos in your home:


  • Leave undamaged asbestos-containing materials alone.
  • Avoid areas with damaged asbestos-containing material, and especially limiting children’s access.
  • Take every precaution to avoid damaging asbestos-containing material.
  • Have removal and major repair done by a trained and accredited asbestos professional.


  • Dust, sweep, or vacuum debris that may contain asbestos.
  • Saw, sand, scrape, or drill holes in asbestos-containing materials.
  • Sand or try to level asbestos flooring or its backing. When asbestos flooring needs replacing install new floor covering over it, if possible.
  • Enter the roof space where loose fibre asbestos insulation may have been installed, and restrict access to the roof cavity through the man-hole and vents.
  • Remove it yourself – always contact a professional!


Asbestos Removal

For your own peace of mind, it’s best to have the asbestos removed. Asbestos removal must be carried out by a licensed and qualified removalist; and safety standards must be adhered to.

AARCO are Perth’s asbestos removal specialists. They are licensed to remove bonded asbestos within WA, and as an OHS and Workplace Australia complaint contractor, offer the highest standard of service and professionalism.

For an inspection, or to find out more information on asbestos removal from your home, contact AARCO on (08) 6406 2020 or email sales@aarco.com.au